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Spotlight on Donors: Dr. Harold Black

“My father said that every child ought to know how to do certain things. And on that list was music. Every child, in my father’s estimation, should learn how to play the piano, and then should learn another musical instrument.” So begins the story of Dr. Harold A. Black’s life in music. He learned piano, clarinet, and saxophone. Harold says his experience in his high school marching band, more than anything else, shaped his love of music.

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Berklee PULSE Keeps the Beat


eepsbeat In support of Pop, Jazz, R & B, and Hip Hop study, the School has been admitted to a prestigious network formed by Boston’s Berklee College of Music. The network’s curriculum component is the Berklee PULSE Music Method, a remarkably deep resource that supports guided teaching and learning of popular music through the innovative use of interactive online technologies. And PULSE rocks!

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Featured Student: Meet Caleb

Spotlight on Students Meet Caleb: He’s a high school student with lots of ambition, a work ethic to beat the band, and a sunny disposition. He avidly participates in weekly saxophone lessons at the Joy of Music School. His rapid progress is impressing everyone around here. We set him up with a primo saxophone. He studies with a top notch teacher who volunteers her time every week. Caleb needed a spark. He got it here. Now he’s glowing brightly.

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Spotlight on Teachers: Lynlee Robinson

Spotlight on Teachers Lynlee Robinson learned from a friend that volunteer opportunities were available at the Joy of Music School. She always had a desire to give back to her community, but when she learned she accomplish that using her musical skills and training, she jumped at the chance. Now she gives her time and talent to young people who would otherwise have no private teacher, no instrument to take home and no musical role model to talk to every week. She’s fulfilling her goal to make a difference, while her students ...

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