Joy of Music School Volunteer and Program Manager, Ed Sublett was born in Boston, Massachusetts and was given his first musical instrument, a half sized Spanish classical guitar, by his grandfather at age 5. He joined his church choir at age 6 and was chosen to sing a solo in the Spring musical. He started studying the upright bass at age 8 while living in the Boston suburb of Belmont and was given numerous accolades for his advanced ability on the instrument. He was awarded a National School Orchestra Award and a Certificate of Superlative Performance at the Berklee College of Music Jazz Festival when he was a senior in high school.

Mr. Sublett attended the University of Lowell in Massachusetts and Full Sail University in Florida where he earned an Associate’s Degree in Audio Engineering. His working career includes studio work both as an engineer and a musician as well as music retail sales and operations and musical instrument manufacturing. He moved to Knoxville and joined the Joy of Music School staff in the Summer of 2012. He continues to perform as an upright and electric bass player. He is also a volunteer teacher at the Joy of Music School.