Joy of Music School events come in many shapes and sizes. Some are special events to raise funds for our programs. Some give our kids performance opportunities. Most are presented by our board and staff, while others are put on by community groups who support our work by raising funds at their own events.

Scroll down for the Joy of Music School General Calendar.

Joy of Music School - General Calendar
    22 Tue
    12:00 am
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    12:00 pm
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    6:30 pm Painting for Joy @ Painting with a Twist
    Painting for Joy @ Painting with a Twist
    May 22 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
    Painting for Joy @ Painting with a Twist | Knoxville | Tennessee | United States
    You’ve got talent! We just know it! Glide that brush over the canvas and make art happen! Join artists Barry Jenkins and Scott Brantley on a fun, delicious journey to paint town! They’ll lead the…