Finance and Building Manager

Position Available

Start Date: Immediately

Reports to: Executive Director

Hours: Full Time

Compensation: $30,000 to $34,000 plus medical, dental, vision


Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Financial and building management of a nonprofit organization
  • Accounts Management:
    • Track revenue and expenses by account and grant program
    • Allocate shared expenses across programs or subprograms
    • Account for restricted and unrestricted funds
    • Classify expenses to track by program and functional classification
    • Identify the functional class and fund for deposits
  • Manage and track accounts and pledges receivable
  • Manage and pay regular bills and other payables
  • Coordinate payroll and benefits (five employees) with LBMC in our PEO relationship
  • Maintain payments to contractors under specified terms
  • Track and report hours and other data on school programs and contractors.
  • Reconcile operating, capital, and endowment accounts with monthly statements
  • Keep cash flow statements, balance sheets, and income-expense reports
  • Create reports for staff, committee and board meetings
  • Assist other staff in compiling information needed for grant filings (as needed)
  • Work with outside accounting firm in preparation of annual audit and 990 submission
  • Software: MS Office Suite, QuickBooks, Abila Fundraising 50 software
  • Identify and recommend process changes aimed at efficiency and cost savings
  • Manage, record, and report on admissions at special events
  • Building Management:
    • Collect tenant rents (currently three)
    • Oversee plant management of a 15,000 s.f. two story building, parking lot, and grounds
    • Respond to tenant requests for assistance and maintenance
    • Light electrical, mechanical, and plumbing repair as needed
    • Interact with janitorial and landscaping service providers
    • Maintain standardized building maintenance and upkeep schedule/calendar


Expertise/Qualifications: The qualified candidate will have at least two years of experience in accounting and/or financial management. The candidate must have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills and be proficient with QuickBooks and MS Office software. A working knowledge of FileMaker Pro software is a plus. Building maintenance and management experience is highly desirable. Must be able to climb a ladder and lift and work with objects overhead. Musical training and experience also a plus.


Interested applicants: Please send resume and cover letter for the finance and building manager position to We are eager to find a good person who will make a great fit with our nonprofit work. So, please include text in your email that demonstrates that you understand what this beloved organization does in the community and how you would fit in with our mission. We are a small staff (4 FT and 1 PT), so chemistry is key!