OUR MISSION: To provide a quality music education for financially disadvantaged, at-risk youth.

VISION: Broader lives through music for all financially disadvantaged children and teens.


  • We put students first – Children deserve joy and opportunity.
  • We love volunteers – Mentors transform lives.
  • We develop minds and build character through music.
  • We set high standards and provide challenges that foster discipline and self-esteem.
  • We reward commitment, respect and accountability.
  • We embrace family and community relationships – Trust ensures support.
  • We believe inclusiveness and diversity enrich learning.
  • We innovate in order to inspire –  and it is free.

GOALS: We endeavor to broaden the lives of financially disadvantaged young people, to teach good habits that will carry over into their lives’ work, and to expose young people to new opportunities for success. The Joy of Music School seeks to provide for students the following:

1) Musical instruments and related accessories

2) Special musical opportunities through a combination of private and group lessons, ensemble participation, plus music enrichment classes and experiences

3) Support and encouragement, so that students may develop their artistic potential to the highest level possible