As a piano player, you might want to give back to the community, but might also hesitate to commit to teach private piano lessons. We say you can do it! Have you had years of piano lessons, but aren’t using those skills these days? Does that time lag make you hesitate at the thought of teaching lessons? Well, hold on a second, and consider the following: There are dozens and dozens of kids on our waiting list; the vast majority of the these children have never had a private piano lesson in their lives. You can pass on even basic knowledge of tuning a piano, reading sheet music, piano posture, and more. More importantly, you can surely make a difference.

These kids need you a lot more than you need to be perfectly prepared. Besides, we’ll help you all along the way with first rate method books, teaching support and training. You really can help a young beginner. And, if you’re a more advanced teacher, then we’ve got students waiting for you too! Also, all Joy of Music School teachers receive training in mentoring skills, a key to forming strong relationships.

Your new students will be proud to finally have their very own piano teacher! (And speaking of whom… wouldn’t your piano teacher be proud to know you’re passing on your training to a student at The Joy of Music School?)

Sign up. In no time you (and your students) will be enjoying the experience of a lifetime, because inspiration should be free!

NOTE: All teaching applicants are required to come to the School for an extended interview. All are background-checked, and must complete orientation before being approved as teachers and receiving their assignments (please be aware you are applying to teach lessons weekly at our building in Knoxville). By submitting your application, you agree to be placed on our email and/or postal mailing list. You will receive occasional newsletters and other communications (we don’t send out many). Thank you!

Thank you for your interest!

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